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Thread: Finding Peyton

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    Default Finding Peyton

    Finding Peyton

    It was a time, dark and most troubled;
    where chaos reigned, in life and spirit.
    With cold determination endured;
    and salving schemes laid most desperate.

    Pitched in this maelstrom of worry and woe;
    and absent thoughts of eternal love;
    Providence didst strike a sure blow,
    thus Divine Design, our meeting of.

    Conferring all day, I surely was spent,
    on boards and round tables I'd feasted my fill.
    And little reserve post-lecture to lent,
    Thought I'd turn in and forego hop's till.

    As departure did loom large in mind;
    with burdens bared both great and small.
    Friends and spirits--perchance unwind?
    Yet hear them not, deaf ears enthralled.

    Off to my medium and quickly abed,
    with purpose arrowed and steps intent.
    Slumber and thought to finally wed,
    and thus lonely travels, ne'er to relent.

    But and sudden--a new plan dawned,
    give Night a stay; seek out fellowship.
    Preserved traditions of years gone,
    thus to renew, colleagues. Forthwith!

    To the Tavern of Bulls, wild aflight,
    I hastened; for to partake with vigor.
    Friends and mentors to toast the night,
    but all pale, lost in memory of ardor.

    My eyes were filled the moment of you,
    and having need adopt a diffident affect.
    For surely such beauty will have naught to do,
    with this garish fop of a fellow prefect.

    Overcome with your presence, I did fumble,
    ere to keep hold wits, and be witty in turn.
    Taken with your beauty, I did stumble,
    O'er canine quips and ole Gipper's return.

    Yet, somehow, some way, I earned your attention,
    though buffeted both by intensely quarrelsome,
    rogues who rowed in blustery affectation.
    Still, I rocked you and you rocked me. Win. Winsome!

    I was headed down south, talk'n jobs and such,
    the night's life had grown old, time past to depart.
    you asked for an escort, if it wasn't much,
    I speedily agreed, thrilled to serve as rampart.

    And to your wagon I wheeled you then,
    With newborn hopes of meets not done,
    And while my head knew not where we'd end,
    My heart knew true: you are the only one.

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    I absolutely clicked on this thread thinking it was about Peyton Manning. Then I realized he didn't quite fit the poem, and I think I remember your girlfriend's name being Peyton. You sure got me to look though

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